“If The Sun had a sound,… ” a review by Indie Underground

“… The initial random yet recognizable noises you hear in their songs capture your attention, then you’re suddenly engulfed in the amazing melodies and captivating lyrics. Their sound weaves its way into every cell of your brain with velvety vocals amidst ethereal guitar, creating a dreamy shoegaze nostalgia…” Read the full article here.

Thank you so much, Kailey Harvey



“We play keepsies with The Marbles Jackson” – Super World Indie Tunes

Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?

John Keats

For me that describes perfectly the whole vibe of the thing your honor, the thing being the exquisite new tune – Ten Million Suns… Read the full text

Many thanks to SWIT!

Video premier and review on Primal Music Blog

London (Hackney) based fuzzy & atmospheric psych/shoegaze outfit ‘The Marbles Jackson’ have announced a brand new single & visually… The post NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | The Marbles Jackson – Ten Million Suns appeared first on Primal Music blog.

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