logo new colourTerry Kirkbride (voice, drums, guitar, percussion)
Naoko Takahashi (guitars, backing voice, drums)
Simon Gwynne (keys, guitar)
Mikey Belfast Gibson (bass)


“I fell in love with this as soon as I heard it and I think you WILL, too.“ – Guy Garvey (BBC 6Music)

“Mesmerizing guitar riffs and smooth vocals…” (Oceanic Blue Music)

“…mixes the spirit of Mazzy Star with the work of the great American harmonisers of 40 or 50 years ago…” (NE:MM)

“…a maelstrom of swirling effected guitars, immense backing vocals, lazy drum beat & hazy samples immerse you in a world of dreamscape infused shoegaze with immense psychedelic swirls…” (Primal Music)

“…. lush, slowcore tracks with gorgeous harmonies, each of which build up into something of a slow crescendo… Gorgeous.” (Deadly Music)

“…. the sounds created by this group evoke the ethereal and caliginous…” – Ola’s Kool Kitchen (Artrocker)

“… their epic sound is gorgeous, from their luscious vocals of Kirkbride to the beautiful harmonies that blend into the lushes of their guitars…” (Alternative Tracks – Band of the Day )

“… derives from languorous vastness and celestial, tenuously soaking-in atmosphere in sound. … with a firmer grasp of what balanced and expansive dreamy pop music should sound like. “ (Carpe Carmina)

“…. ahhhh, beautiful.” – Jarvis Cocker (BBC 6Music)

“Respect to The Marbles Jackson for taking a crack at this number (Riders on The Storm). They don’t let the weighty ghost of Jim Morrison intimidate. On the contrary, they strip back the song and with quiet confidence rebuild it…. a refreshingly honest and somewhat heartfelt interpretation of a classic.” (Dukla Prague Away Kit)